Verseng Group provides diverse services to the Rail Industry. Stemming from our legacy company, Adelaide City Engineering, we have extensive experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a range of equipment and services to the rail industry.

Locomotive Tractions Motor Servicing Facility

Our former business, Adelaide City Engineering was approached to provide an appropriate concept and solution to the requirement of removing Traction Motors from up to 130 Tonne Locomotives. We generated 3D drawings showing our proposed Personnel Access Platform and the traversing Scissor Lift design. The system was required to fit within an existing pit. The design was reviewed, approved by the client and detail drawings were produced. Manufacture, installation and commissioning of the full system, including the hydraulics and the electrical control system was managed by Adelaide City Engineering. The project provided a unique cost effective solution to the Traction Motor removal and installation process, which was previously an extremely expensive and time-consuming process.